Six Great Places to Eat in Aberdeen

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on 06 April 2024

Embarking on a work assignment away from home doesn't mean sacrificing culinary delight, especially in Aberdeen, Scotland. Known for its vibrant culinary landscape, Aberdeen boasts a plethora of exceptional dining venues, each offering a unique culinary journey. Join us as we unveil six top restaurants in Aberdeen, promising unforgettable gastronomic experiences. Whether you're a seasoned local or a transient contractor, prepare to indulge in the diverse and tantalizing cuisines this charming city has to offer.

1. Moonfish Cafe
Rating: 4.5 (1.1K reviews)
Address: 9 Correction Wynd, Aberdeen AB10 1HP
Description: Moonfish Cafe, located in Aberdeen's Merchant Quarter, offers a blend of casual and fine dining experiences. Known for its modern British cuisine with a focus on seafood, the restaurant serves dishes like citrus-cured salmon and Isle of Mull cheddar soufflé.

Website: Moonfish Cafe
Telephone: 01224 644166
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Moonfish Cafe

2. Cafe 52
Rating: 4.0 (828 reviews)
Address: 52 The Green, Aberdeen AB11 6PE
Description: Cafe 52 is a popular restaurant in Aberdeen known for its continental-style dining experience. With both indoor and al fresco dining options, the restaurant offers dishes like Normandy chicken casserole and oyster mushroom fricassee.

Website: Cafe52
Telephone: 01224 590094
Email: [email protected]

3. Vovem
Rating: 4.0 (311 reviews)
Address: 254 Union Street, Aberdeen AB10 1TN
Description: Vovem is an Argentinian-inspired steakhouse in Aberdeen known for its high-quality meats sourced locally. With a focus on steaks and lamb chops cooked to perfection, this restaurant provides diners with a premium dining experience.

Website: Vovem
Telephone: 01224 566566
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Vovem

4. Madame Mew's
Rating: 4.5 (416 reviews)
Address: 7 Summer Street, Bridge Of Don AB10 1SB
Description: Madame Mew's is a casual dining spot in Aberdeen known for its affordable yet delicious offerings. With a menu featuring Thai and Chinese favourites like pad Thai and mussaman curry, this restaurant provides comforting meals perfect for any occasion.

Website: Madame Mews
Telephone: 01224 460211
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Madame Mews

5. The Silver Darling
Rating: 4.5 (1.2K reviews)
Address: Pocra Quay North Pier, Aberdeen AB11 5DQ
Description: The Silver Darling is an upscale restaurant in Aberdeen named after the herring catch, offering stunning views of Aberdeen harbour. Known for its Scottish seafood dishes like seared Shetland scallops and Cape Wrath oysters, this restaurant provides diners with an elegant dining experience.

Website: The Silver Darling
Telephone: 01224 576229
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: The Silver Darling

6. Books & Beans
Rating: 4.0 (417 reviews)
Address: 22 Belmont Street, Aberdeen AB10 1JH
Description: Books & Beans is not just a cafe but also a local bookstore in Aberdeen, offering a unique dining experience. With options like sourdough toasties and nutritious brunch bowls, this cafe provides diners with the opportunity to enjoy good food while browsing through books.

Website: Books and Beans
Telephone: 01224 646438
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Books and Beans

These exceptional restaurants in Aberdeen showcase the city's culinary diversity, providing residents and visitors alike with an array of dining options to suit every palate.


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